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Our Story

Making fashion that reflects who you are

Founded by Irene and Georgina Bello, a mother - daughter duo, Renny Exclusive was created with a simple aim to create couture designs that fit you like a glove. We are a fashion boutique that makes clothing & accessories you can treasure for a lifetime. All of our items are made from scratch and cut to order by Renny


About Us

At Renny Exclusive, all our items are made in house by Renny. This way, we can ensure our high-quality designs are made with ethically sourced fabric. We offer a range of couture designs and accessories for women, men, and kids. We are a diverse brand, so don't be shy to contact us for custom designs. We believe fashion should be accessible to all, and we want to make clothing that makes you feel confident.

Irene Bello

Founder & CEO

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As early as 8, I would design and make clothing from any fabric I could put my hands on, even curtains! I was constantly amending and redesigning apparel bought for me and others. I got my first degree in Law, and I loved it, but my passion for fashion always lingered. My late Grandmother pushed me to follow my dreams despite what others would think. She praised my talents and encouraged me to continue with fashion despite not being a 'traditional' career. So went I on to study clothing Technology & Fashion at the London College of Fashion, the best decision of my life. My desire to design and create couture apparel, have my clothing brand has given me so much pleasure and satisfaction. My favourite part of the process is seeing clients in their couture fitting perfectly. It's an honour, truly. I have so many clients who used to struggle to find a designer who would make something flattering to their shape. Luckily for them, this is what I always aim to achieve. I am a member of the Designers Institute and actively involved in the social and ethical compliance bodies. I firmly adhere to social and ethical sourcing policy and aim to be part of the Sustainable Forum. I have worked with some of your favourite brands for over 30 years, from Designing, Product development, Technical, Compliance and Sourcing. Thank you for taking the time to read my story. Hopefully, I will meet you soon!


Georgina Bello

Founder & Social Media Manager

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I am a Biomedical Science graduate with an eye for fashion and marketing. I've always loved that I can go to my mother with a picture saying, 'Can you make me something like this?' and she'll create a gorgeous piece that fits effortlessly. My mother is a very talented and caring woman who has taught me a lot about the fashion industry, from fabric sourcing to pattern designing and even sewing. We make a good team as we collaborate well by always being honest and paying attention to the latest fashion trends. We want to create things that are in style but sustainable. Growing up in different generations, we have different approaches to designing, and I believe this is what makes us unique. When designing this website, I wanted it to represent who we are and for future customers to envision their most confident selves in our pieces. A significant issue in fast fashion is poor fitting and quality, which means high return rates and customers not keeping items for long. We want to make clothing that can withstand the test of time and is appropriate for various occasions. The key to this is sourcing fabric that has been made to the correct quality standards and that the people creating them are treated fairly. We know there is something for everyone to love in our collection, and if you haven't seen it yet, I'm sure we can create it together. All of our items are prepared carefully and with love. I am blessed to be a part of this journey, of which I hope you will join us too!

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